Location Based Information
Kandy district which is Consisting  of lovely mountain ranges and valleys spreaded out of in the extent of land about 1940 Km. The district is bounded North by Ukuwela, Raththota, Laggala, Pallegama and Wilgamuwa Divisional Secretary Divisions of Matale district, East by Mahiyangana Divisional of Badulla district and walarane, Hanguranketha, Kothmale,Nuwara-Eliya and Ambagamuwa Korale Divisional Secrstary Divisionl of Nuwara-eliya  district and west by Aranayake, Bulathkohupitiya, Mawanella and Rambukkana Divisional Secretary Divisional of Kegalle District and Mawathagama and Rideegama Divivsionl Secretary Divisions in Kurunegala District it is located North Latitude between 69.56 and 70.29 and East Longitude between 80.25 and 80.00
Historical Background
The city of Kandy which is inherited to a pride history was belonged to Malayarata area in Kingdoms of Anuradapura and Polonnaruwa Era. It has been stated in folk tradition , that the city has been developed in the reign of King Wickramabahu III rd in Gapola era. Kandy which has been Known as Senkadagala Nuwara in the past was included a beautiful Dalada  Mandiraya and Royal palace by the King Wimaladharmasooriya 1st Thenceforth Senkadagala Nuwara remained changelessly as the capital city of Sinhala Kingdom until 2nd March 1815 by Protecting pure Baddhism and Sinhalese Culture from the western powerful nations such as Protugeese, Dutch and English for a more them 03 decades. Most of the victorious battles against invasions aimed to the Kandgsm Kingdom by the western nations form time to time in their ruling period of maritime provinces, happened around Kandy Invaded foreign armies were completely destroyed by the battles Occurred in Peradeniya , Gannoruwa and Yatinuwara in the regin of King Rajasinha II nd . Balana fortress is the main fortress established to protect the Sinhalede Kingdom from foreigners is situaled new the present Kadugannawa city. After Kandyan Kingdom come under the hands of British nations due to various political crisis in 1815, King Wickrama Rajasinghe, the last king of Sinhalae was captured by the British in the village of Bombure, Medamahanuwara on February 15 , bY the Kandy an Agreement signed in the Mangul Maduwa of Dalada maligawa on March 02nd in 1815 , raling power of Sri Lanka was taken over by British and they were nominat6ed colombo as the Capital city of the country . Till then , the city of Kandy was existed as the main city of the country. A large number of aristocratic leaders in the Kandy area had lead freedom struggle in the Sinhaless history in 1818 on behalf of Uva wellassa rebellion Kandy region was motherland of the most of the leaders such as Monarawila , Keppetipola, Madugqalla who dedicated and relinquished their positions for the freedom struggle . English who brutally suppressed the freedom straggle in 1818 led the hill country including Kandy region towards trade economy which based on plantation industry and trade. After the coffee cultivation which had been introduced to the country a freshly was destroyed by a blight , the 1st tea sapling planted in the Island can be seen in the Loolkandura estate in the Delthota Divisional Secretariat even today.
Historical Places.
Sri Dalada Maligawa, Holy of Holies of entire Buddhist nation in the world and large number of historically important  temples are situated in the kandy district.
1. Gadaladeniya  Viharaya
2.   Ambakka Devalaya
3.   Degaldoruwa Raja Maha Viharaya
4.   Galmaduwa Raja Maha Viharaya
5.   Talawa Raja Maha Viharaya
6.   Village of Bombure , Medamahanuwar
Climatic and Environmental Features
Kandy district  situated in the Central  Uplands and it is 100-1600m height from the sea level. Its Eastern side is bounded to Mahaweli river and it is 100m height  from the sea level. General annual  rainfall is  1840 m.m. and Minipe Divisional  Secretariat in the Eastern  region of the district is consist with mountains and shows low country dry zonal climatic features General temperature is between 20-22Co and smooth climate can be seen in most parts of the district throughout the year. Generally, temperatune of the areas such as Delthota , Pasbage Korale, Ganga Inala Korale, Udadumbare, Panwila shows a low temperature relatively to the other areas of the district but the Minipe area which is located in the dry  zone shows a higher temperature. The Mahaweli river is the main river which flows across the Kandy district and it covers 110Km within Kandy district Two water streams initiate from two places such as Hatton Ganga and Kothmale Oya connect together and give birth to mahveli ganga and flows down at the polwathara village at Pasdbage. In addition to that , initiative stream of water of Dedura  Oya also begins in the Poojapitiya Divisional Secretariat. Stream of water that flows long the western slope of Yatinuwara and Udunuwara  Divisinal Secretariats join with Maoya and increase its water capacity. Knuckles mountain range situated in Udadumbara, Medadumbara, Minipe and Panwila Divisional Secretariats is an unique environmental zone. Main mountain ranges such as Koboneela gala (1553.87 M hight ) Dotalugala (1573.96 M hight ) are situated in the Kandy district. This zone is being the main catchment area of the Mahaweli Ganga and Amban Ganga and shows a high rainfall. Knukles mountain range which provides the protection to the endemic flora and fauna shows the highest natural beautiful in the district. Hantana, Ambuluwawa, Balana range and Alagalla mountain are situated in the Kandy district and the district harbours many water fall such as Kadiyanhele, Galaboda. Though most of them are unknown to the public, they are splendor  with natural beauty.
Natural flora
41,521 hectare otherwise 21% out of the total land area in the Kandy district is covered with forest. Out of this 23317 hectare is remains as thick  forest , 10759 hectares as open forest cultivations. Much forest cover can be seen around higher mountain summit . Therefore this forest should be strictly protected to conserve water which release water to the streams of the Kandy district. A large extent of land be longed to knuckles reserve is in the Kandy district . This range has named as district natural reserve and being residence for endemic plant and animals in Sri Lanka. A large extent of land in the Randenigala - Rantambe Sanetuary is belongs to this district . Hamtana mountain range and Udawatte Kele is situated closely to the Kandy city. Among them the Hantana mountain range has affected by strong environmental threats. Government has been gazetted Hanrtana area as a high Security environmental zone in the year 2010.
Wild Animals
A large  number of animal community live in the forests belongs to the Kandy district. Among them elephant, leopard monkey , porque monkey, Wild boar, KolaDiviya, deer, Barking dear are prominent.
Wild elephants can be seen in the areas Such as Udadumber, Minipe, Randenigala sanctuary and Udadumber Meemure area frequently. It has been reported leopards from time to time form Gampola, Hantana,Pathahewaheta areas, Monkeys, Porque monkey and wild boars live in each forest areas in the district. Animal species such as spotted deers, Sanburs and barking deers can be seen in Randenigala sanctuary. In addition to that a large number of birds species have been reported. History of The Kachcheri Sri Lanka lost his sovereignty and became a crown colony after  signing the kandyan Agreement on 02 nd  March ,1815 and Local Public Administration structure existed so far collapsed. Accordingly,Government Agent of the Kandy Kachcheri became the Chief Administration Officer in the Central Province in British era.According to the historical information sources Kandy Kachcheri initiated afreshly at Kandy “Rajagedara”in 1825 B.C. Mr. Turner who was a British , acted as Government Agent in Kandy from 1825 to 1827. Information reveal that Kandy Kachcheri had been taken to the Octagon of Dalada  Maligawa in 1868.Mr.P.W.Bebook had been acted as Kandy Government Agent at that time.
In addition to that,kandy Kachcheri had been taken to Kandy Postal Complex on various grounds. In 1880,it had been taken to the Kachcheri building (later called as court building)constructed close to Sri Dalada Maligawa and continued its activities in the same place for about 80 years.Mr.F.B.Templer was the Government Agent at that time. During the service period of Government Agent Mr.A.B.S.N.Pulleyar,Kandy Kachcheri had brought to present building in Yatinuwara Veediya in 1957. By the year 2006 from 1825 Kandy was ruled by 37 Government Agents. 

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