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The Kandy District Program of the series of religious programs held island wide to invoke blessings on people in Sri Lanka and whole world was conducted on 07 and 08.03.2020 at Sri Subodharama Viharaya, Peradeniya. This program consisted with all night pirith chanting and alms giving to 130 Theros on the following day.

The program was held under the patronage of Kandy District Secretary Mr. D.M.N.G.G.T. Karunarathne and a large number of officers from various government institutions including the District Secretariat had participated.

Kandy District program was organized by the District Secretariat together with all Divisional Secretariats in the Kandy District. All three forces and Sri Lanka Police had also extended their fullest Co-operation, for this meritorious deed.
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The Kandy District Secretariat had organized splendid Independence Day Celebration Program, simultaneous to the 72 National Independence Day Celebration on 04.02.2020 at the Asgiriya Police Ground under the patronage of Hon. Dr. Sarath Amunugama, Member of Parliament and the Chairman of Kandy District Development Committee, and guidance of Mr. D.M.N.G.G.T. Karunarathne, Government Agent of Kandy. Over 1700 participants paraded in this event including personnel from Sri Lanka Police, Special Task Force, Civil Defence Force and students of 25 schools.

One of special features of this program is the speeches of school students in 03 Languages on the topic of importance of gaining independence. Large number of distinguished guests including Hon. Jinendra Singh, Assistant High Commissioner of India and Mrs. Kumudu Karunarathne, Chief Secretary of Central Province had also participated in the program and this program was organized by the staff of Kandy District Secretariat under the Leadership of Mr. D.M.N.G.G.T. Karunarathne, Government Agent of Kandy.

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