A Program was organized by the Hindu Cultural Division of the Kandy District Secretariat to celebrate the great festival of Hindu Devotees, Navaratri (Nine Devine Nights) at Auditorium of the Kandy District Secretariat under the patronage of Mr. Tissa Karunarathne, Kandy District Secretary.

The rituals were performed by the Kurukkal Shiva Sri Sri Ram of Selva Vinayagar Kovil and the staff of the Kandy District Secretariat and other offices located in the premises of the District Secretariat had participated in this cultural festival.

The Navaratri festival which is devoted to goddesses Durga, Lakshmi and Saraswathi has been celebrated by Hindu Devotees with great devotion.

During Navaratri, Hindu Devotees have observed the ritual of keeping purity in every aspect and abstaining from sacrificing the lives of animals.

This is the first time the Kandy District Secretariat has organized a celebration of Nawaratri festival.








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